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Currently e-Check is a semi-automatic - - Feedback (1000 symbols restriction)

There is no any automated transaction finish actions from the system in case of using eCheck.

What we have:
1. Customer choose "eCheck" method on the site
2. Customer clicks "Pay" button
3. Site sends request to
4. System responce "This transaction has been approved." which means "Transaction was successfully started"
[Transaction has started]
[Money is still not in Merchant`s Bank account]
5. 5-7 business days has passed
[Transaction has ended]
[Money is in Merchant`s Bank account]
[Merchant don`t know about it]
6. Merchant log in account
7. Merchant start search for settled echeck transactions that was about 5-7 days before
8. Merchant get the result
9. Merchant exports the result in a file
10. Merchant do other activities in his business-process, where this file will be helpful, for example Merchant MANUALLY finish the transactions on the site

What I want:
a. Remove the points from 6 to 10
b. Make it in this way:
[Transaction has ended]
[Money is in Merchant`s Bank account]
6. System sends request to the site with message, that "Transaction has successfully ended"

For example on the point 4, Site has received System responce, where Transction ID was and now on the point 6 System just sends POST request over the SSL with MD5 confirmation string to the custom entered URL.

Let it be (that Merchant or Developer sets up in account settings).
And POST array is
Transaction ID => 23112321
Transaction Result => SUCCESS
MD5 signature => 0549EEDE56864C3B5A6FFD47B48F4E8B

Where MD5 signature is constructed the same way as on point 4 ("MD5 Hash Value" "API Login ID" "Trans ID" "Amount")

This will logically completes the e-Check process and it became FULLY electronic.
Now it`s semi-automated.

1. Will you implement that feature at all (or may be already plans)?
2. When?
Tags: development, english

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